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Celebrating the bestselling book: "Elevate Your Career: More Impact + More Income"

Ideal for high-achievers everywhere!

This mini-series will help you connect the missing link to success so you can enjoy your life more
Workshop Details:
Complimentary Workshops Begin 1st Week of March

Three 40-minute live sessions with Q&A
Topic-specific videos released each week
Each video includes an Insight Guide

What You'll Experience:
  • "Myth-busting Success": understanding the code
  • How to make simple shifts to see stunning success
  • Identify and create your unique success scripts
  • Discover the path to unlocking your zone of genius
  • Create your own path to more purpose & potential

Ideal for those interested in:
  • Getting more out of life and work
  • Enjoying more freedom and happiness
  • Leveling up your professional life
  • Connecting to exciting opportunities

Registration open until February 20th at 11:59 pm - seats are limited!

The first 20 registrants receive a complimentary digital copy of my bestselling book  

Wire Your Brain for Success
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Dates for live Q&A: March 8, 15, 22 at 6:00 pm CT
You've probably noticed. 

Some people seem to always be on the 'struggle bus' while others seem to always land in the right place at the right time. Why is that? 

Most importantly, how can YOU get the same 'luck' in your life?!

If you've seen any of my work, you know that I've studied success for many, many years.

My BIG breakthrough happened in my early thirties.

Up until that time, I had bumped through life like most people.
 - believing that I had little impact
 - that my life was not influenced by me
 - that how I behaved was pre-determined
 - that success was a result of hard work or knowing the right people

I was unhappy, stuck, and basically pissed off most of the time.

Success used to be a mystery, I experienced
... no real raise, I made a modest income
... no opportunities, I felt stuck with no way out
... no decent relationships and dating sucked

I wrote a book about this (and how I changed my life for the better).

It's a bestseller thanks to my awesome community!

This year, for the anniversary of my bestselling book, I want to celebrate with you.

  • I've done the research
  • I've implemented and experience the success
  • I've coached hundreds in the same methods
  • I want you to experience it too!

Will you join me for this year's mini-series?

(Here's a sneak peek)

Did you know that the words you habitually use often interfere with your brain's ability to access resources for your success? 

What if you could unlock much more potential by making a few simple shifts in your behavior? (Easier than losing the weight gained over the holidays)

Registration for the mini-series will be open until February, Monday the 20th
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